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U.S.: Fresh produce companies surge up the list in Brand Love Study

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U.S.: Fresh produce companies surge up the list in Brand Love Study

Wonderful Halos has cracked the top 50 "Kidfinity" list for the first time in 2017, while the citrus brand and three others in fresh produce also proved a hit with parents. 

In the 2016 'Brand Love' study conducted by Smarty Pants LLC, California-based citrus brands Wonderful Halos and Cuties both made the top 40 in what was then known as "Momfinity" scores, ranked on a scale of 0 to 1,000 based on awareness, love and popularity of the brands.

This year the company has also added Chiquita and Dole to its survey and both performed well.

Cuties jumped 25 spots to reach 13th place on what is now known as the "Parentfinity" list, with Chiquita coming in just behind at 14, followed by Halos in 16th place and Dole in 31st place.

Halos however were the only produce brand to make it into the Kidfinity list, in 44th place.

Representatives from Dole, Halos owner Wonderful Company and Cuties owner Sun Pacific were all very pleased with the result.

"The Brand Love study is great affirmation that our approach to creating strong relationships with parents – especially Millennials, who are now the largest generation – is working," Sun Pacific vice president of business development Howard Nager.

"Millennials represent immense purchasing power now and in the future. It’s why we spend a great deal of time learning about what’s important to them, and use those insights to guide our marketing efforts."

The Wonderful Company VP of marketing Adam Cooper was very happy with the inclusion.

"We are thrilled to continue in the top twenty favorite brands that parents love and are proud to have built this strong presence after only four years since Wonderful Halos launched," he told Fresh Fruit Portal in a statement.

"In addition, we are excited to have been named for the first time one of the Kids’ Top 50 Brands. 

"As the only healthy snack brand on the kid-approved list, this is a true testament to our commitment to providing the perfect sweet, seedless, easy to peel snack option that kids and parents love."

Chiquita global marketing director Bettina Stier Scatamachia said the company was honored for the brand to have achieved such high recognition.

"This acknowledgement from parents in the US is in line with our on-going commitment of staying at the heart of consumers and be the world’s most loved banana brand," she said.

"This year, we initiated a new brand voice with our we are bananas campaign, changing the conversation around our brand and bananas by building on our uniquely playful heritage to foster a continued love for our brand among consumers."

Dole Food Company director of communications William Goldfield said the company was very proud the brand had a strong affinity with parents and was included on the list.

"We know parents have a difficult task in getting their kids just to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, much less ask for them," Goldfield told Fresh Fruit Portal in a statement.

"As a strong heritage brand Dole has always stood for the highest quality produce that families can trust flavor and freshness," he said.

"And this year we launched a collaboration with the Disney Company to try to help parents with that challenge by including some of their characters on our wide array of products to drive that appeal for kids.

"I believe we are seeing that have an impact for parents, and are excited by that."




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