Cerro Prieto, Fruty Green join forces for avocado exports

October 20 , 2017

Peruvian company Agrícola Cerro Prieto (ACP) and Colombia’s Fruty Green (FG) have entered a partnership to supply avocados to Europe and the U.S.

In a release, the company claimed this was the first effort between Peruvian and Colombian companies to provide a constant supply of avocados year-round, making the most of their complementary seasons and available synergies between both origins.

Jorge Uribe of Fruty Green was one of the Colombian growers highlighted in a government announcement in August when a deal was finally struck for exporting the country’s avocados to the United States.

Colombian growers still have rigorous requirements to meet before U.S.-bound exports become a reality, but the industry already has a very well established market in Europe in the meantime which is expected to still be maintained once the U.S.-oriented deal gets underway.

Fruty Green has 300 hectares in the areas of El Retiro, Antioquía, and Guatica and Quinchia, Risaralda.

Cerro Prieto has 1,000 hectares of avocados in production and 500 hectares in the growth stage, with operations in northern Peru near the city of Trujillo.


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