Colombia makes largest ever cocaine seizure on banana farms

November 10 , 2017

Colombian police have discovered 12 metric tons (MT) of cocaine on banana farms, in what is reported to be the largest single drug seizure in the country’s history.

The drugs were found buried in four banana plantations in the northern Province of Antioquia, close to the routes used to smuggle cocaine to the U.S., the BBC reported.

President Juan Manuel Santos said it was the largest drugs haul in a single police operation. The operation is part of an offensive against the powerful Gulf Clan, a drug trafficking gang.

Police reportedly said the drug stash belonged to Dairo Úsuga, leader of the Gulf Clan. The value of the haul is said to be around US$360 million.

Four people have so far been arrested.

In the last two months the security forces have seized 20MT of cocaine in Antioquia, the BBC reported.

In September last year police found 7MT of cocaine hidden on another banana farm in Antioquia.


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