Chinese market opens for Argentine blueberries -

Chinese market opens for Argentine blueberries

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Chinese market opens for Argentine blueberries

The Argentine blueberry industry has gained access to the ever-growing Chinese market, with an export protocol also signed for dried peas from the South American country.

Argentina's Ministry of Agro-industry said the respective protocols were signed during a trade mission to China.

"These agreements ratify our intention to become the supermarket of the world by opening up more markets, thus boosting our regional economies," said Minister of Agribusiness Luis Miguel Etchevehere.

The Argentine Ambassador to China, Diego Guelar, said the achievement "consolidated the strategic relationship between both countries and allows us to increase our presence in the Chinese food market with high-level products like Argentine blueberries."

The market opening follows promises from the presidents of both countries in May to balance the trade deficit.

According to the ministry, in the first 11 months of 2017 China imported 10,000 metric tons (MT) of fresh blueberries, mainly from Chile and Peru. It also imported 1.2 million MT of dried peas during that time, mainly from Canada.


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