Challenges ahead for Polish blueberry growers

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Challenges ahead for Polish blueberry growers

Polish blueberry group Polskie Jagody had a difficult season in 2017, but with increased competition and a range of other pressures the challenge could be even greater in the future.

This is the message from the company's president Dominika Kozarzewska, who recently spoke with Polish produce industry publication

She told the publication May frosts complicated production with temperatures sometimes as low as -10°C (14°F) in parts, while rains during the harvest period reduced crop yields further.

Kozarzewska told Sady Ogrody the trading season however was successful overall, and that even though returns from the U.K. were lower due to the weaker pound and inhibited demand growth, movement was good. In addition, the industry undertook promotions in the domestic market to boost Polish consumption of blueberries.

The executive also told the publication that finding a place in global markets required investment in production to lengthen the season and obtain the highest quality, for example through the use of covers and replacing old plantings. In addition, intensive sales and marketing activities are key, she said.

But for Kozarzewska the most important challenge in future will be getting enough seasonal workers; a common issue for growers across the globe.


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