New leader for Chilean Hass Avocado Committee

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New leader for Chilean Hass Avocado Committee

Francisco Contardo Sfeir has taken the reins as general manager of Chile's Hass Avocado Committee, after previous head Juan Enrique Lazo took on a new role with UPAC Trading in November last year. 

The committee's new general manager Francisco Contardo Sfeir

With 10 years of experience leading commercial teams in sales and marketing in the food, beverage and hotel sectors, Contardo Sfeir is taking on the new job with "much energy and enthusiasm".

"As the Chilean Hass Avocado Committee, we have a very valuable mission which is support for avocado producers and exporters in Chile in pursuit of trade and technical support to strengthen ourselves in Chile and worldwide as the important player we are in the avocado category," he told Fresh Fruit Portal.

In November last year we reported on the committee's plans for Chinese market development including an ambitious strategy to substantially raise avocado consumption in the country over the long-term. On that note, we asked the new executive what his approach would be.

"Certain lines will be maintained and others could vary. The previous management was very favorable for our product and we should recognize that and keep what's good," Contardo Sfeir said.

"What's important is having strategies that will be sustainable over time and cooperate with the objectives we have as a committee.

"Professionally I am learning a lot about the agricultural world and combining that with my trade knowledge to generate strategies that will help us in the future."

He described the fruit as very "noble" with a unique nutritional composition, and therefore it was "fundamental" this be communicated to consumers. 

"Markets like the U.S., Europe and others continue to be important but today the focus is Asia and we will continue with promotional campaigns in China to raise the consumption of Chilean avocados," he said.

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