U.S.: GPTA aims to boost produce trade with Guatemala

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U.S.: GPTA aims to boost produce trade with Guatemala

An association of the major importers and key players in the Guatemalan produce trade has implemented some vital initiatives for 2018. 

The Guatemalan Produce Trade Association (GPTA) says its activities have the goal of benefiting Guatemalan produce trade in a broad range of areas from marketing to promotion to logistics.

The first agenda item of year is to spotlight the leadership provided by the importer companies involved in GPTA.

“These companies encompass the very best Guatemala has to offer,” says Priscilla Lleras-Bush, GPTA coordinador.

“U.S. buyers can count on these importers to assure quality product, food safety and the highest standards. Import deals can sometimes be complex, so knowing you’re partnered up with reliable, reputable companies is crucial.”

Lleras-Bush points out that association involvement is a major indication of a company’s dedication to the sector.

“We see throughout our industry when companies are involved in furthering the business in a particular sector, whether through regional or national groups, it indicates a seriousness and commitment on the part of that company,” she says.

“Such involvement helps improve the trade through cooperation on fundamental issues.”

Buyers or other companies looking to work with Guatemalan product are encouraged to reach out to GPTA member companies to access GPTA’s member expertise.

“Our top-notch companies have a long history in the trade in Guatemala and are well-versed in the in’s and out’s of the products, the growers and the process,” says Lleras-Bush.

“There is no better pool of companies for Guatemalan product than our GPTA members.”

Guatemala is a strong source of snap peas, french beans, snow peas, melons, greenhouse tomatoes, pappayas, citrus and berries.

“Produce from Guatemala supports retail ability to provide healthy fresh produce year-round to their customers in key items,” says Lleras-Bush.

GPTA was founded during a meeting at PMA’s 2015 Fresh Summit in Atlanta. According to Lleras-Bush, importers and exporters alike have identified the association as a "unique forum to bring value and benefit to the entire trade in and with Guatemala."

Current leading importer members of GPTA include Agricultural Marketing Services, Ben Bud Growers, Crystal Valley Foods, Growers Are Us, Harvest Sensations, Sotolongo Farms, and Southern Specialties.

The association is also supported by service providers including Customized Brokers/Crowley and The Perishable Specialist.


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