Camposol buys Uruguayan mandarin plantations

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Camposol buys Uruguayan mandarin plantations

Peruvian produce giant Camposol is continuing its international expansion through the acquisition of 1,000 hectares for citrus crops in Uruguay. 

It has bought 500 hectares of mandarin plantations that belonged to Citrícola Salteña S.A. and another 500 hectares which will be developed.

The land is located in the El Salto region of the small South American country that borders Argentina and Brazil.

Camposol said this operation, along with the more than 500 hectares of mandarins planted in Peru, will allow it to offer mandarins to clients throughout the Southern Hemisphere's entire commercial window.

"We are very proud of CAMPOSOL, not only for the accelerated growth we have had in recent years, but for the innovation and differentiation we are bringing to the industry," Camposol CEO Jorge Ramírez said.

"Being in Uruguay will allow us to become a mandarin supplier throughout the commercial window of the southern hemisphere, and thus better serve our customers through our commercial platform in the USA, Europe and China."

Camposol recently announced it had purchased hundreds of hectares of land for avocado production in Colombia and plans to buy more in the country over the coming years.

This latest acquisition is part of the company strategy to consolidate as a leading supplier of fresh and healthy food, it said.

Camposol said it is acknowledged by major supermarkets in North America, Europe and Asia for its value proposition - based its products' quality, consistency and traceability - as well as the service it guarantees its clients, its vertical integration, and its model of sustainable and socially responsible production.


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