NZ: Kiwano campaign aimed at U.S. Cinco de Mayo consumers

April 16 , 2018

New Zealand kiwano grower-exporter Enzed Exotics is launching a new Cinco de Mayo-themed campaign in the United States. 

The aim is to raise awareness among U.S. consumers about the versatility of the kiwano fruit, with the refreshing and not overly sweet taste a natural match for Mexican flavors.

“Kiwano pulp can be stirred through fresh salsas, salads and guacamole to add flavor, without adding extra salts or fats,” Enzed Exotics owner Vanessa Hutchings said in a release.

“It can be used to add freshness to grilled meats and fish, or add interest and texture for taco toppings”, she said.

“It’s a fun fruit with lots of personality. Mexican food is all about celebration, flavor and color – and with the kiwano’s bright green pulp and vibrant orange skin, it’s got that in spades”.

Hutchings sees the kiwano as an exciting new addition for retailers, complementing classic Cinco de Mayo produce such as tomatoes, limes, avocados and chile peppers.

“Cinco de Mayo is a great occasion to celebrate Mexican food. Kiwano will be a real eye-catcher in a store’s Cinco de Mayo produce display”.

The company will run an online campaign, seeking the help of online influencers to get consumers excited about the kiwano and how it can be used in a wide range of dishes, from cocktails to dips.

“One of the best things we’ve found about working with foodie influencers is their fresh, individual take on our product”.

Hutchings said Enzed’s strong committment to sustainable farming resonated well with the influencers.

“Because our Kiwano is naturally grown without harsh chemicals and pesticides, it’s a product they can feel really good about promoting to their followers”.

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