U.S.: Nicaraguan red dragon fruit two weeks away from high-volume launch

June 20 , 2018

Red-fleshed dragon fruit grown in Nicaragua is now two weeks away from its high-volume launch in the U.S. market, according to Frieda’s Specialty Produce. 

The company says the fruit will be available from July through November.

“Our grower continues to focus on the best, most flavorful varieties of red dragon fruit and we are expecting excellent volume this season,” said Allen DeMo, director of procurement and sourcing at Frieda’s.

“The season is just starting, and we will have several large flushes of fruit late June through July, which will give retailers the opportunity to build large displays.”

This non-irradiated dragon fruit is grown in rich, volcanic soil and is known for its sweet, flavorful, deep magenta flesh, the company said.

“We receive requests daily from shoppers asking for red-flesh dragon fruit because they have seen them on Instagram in smoothie bowls and beverages,” said Alex Jackson Berkley, assistant sales manager at Frieda’s.

“We have developed new tools to help retailers build large displays that move volume. We also know that sampling will make a huge difference for red dragon fruit sales. Showcasing the bright color will create impulse sales.”


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