Two-color dragon fruit developed by Chinese researchers

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Two-color dragon fruit developed by Chinese researchers

Researchers from the Yangling Vocational and Technical College in Shaanxi, China, announced a new dragon fruit or pitaya variety called “New Two Color” that received provincial-level approval. The name comes from its interior mix of white and pink hues. 

The new variety is a hybrid of the Vietnamese white-fleshed dragon fruit and the red-fleshed Da Hong variety and has a sugar content of 19.9 degrees, an acid content of 0.29% and a soluble solid content of 23.5%. Under greenhouse cultivation conditions, the plant is expected to flower in early May, but under artificial lighting, flowering can be induced as early as the end of March.

The new fruit is the result of a collaboration between the college’s scientific research team, Yangling Qingpita Garden Dragon Fruit Cultivation Professional Cooperative (杨凌青皮她园火龙果种植专业合作社), and the Yangling District Agricultural Products Quality and Safety Supervision Center (杨陵区农产品质量安全监管中心). 

Dragon fruit is the second leading fruit export of Vietnam, with Durian dominating the list. Last year the country saw an export value of dragon fruit exports of $523 million. Value stood at $450 million during the first months of 2023, down 4.4% from the previous year due to fruit quality issues. Revenues from the fruit make up 55% of the country’s fruit export turnover.

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