China "shocked" by U.S. actions in trade dispute -

China "shocked" by U.S. actions in trade dispute

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China said it is "shocked" after the U.S. announced plans for an additional US$200 billion of tariffs, escalating a trade war between the two countries.

The announcement came just days after the U.S. imposed 25% tariffs for US$34 billion of goods on China, which quickly responded by imposing duties of its own. Both are planning to increase the duties to US$50 billion shortly.

Beijing described Washington's latest threat as "totally unacceptable," saying it would harm the world.

"It is totally unacceptable for the United States to publish the tariffs list in an accelerated manner. We express our solemn protest. The behavior of the United States is hurting China, hurting the world, and hurting itself. This irrational behavior is not desirable."

"The Chinese is shocked by the actions of the US. In order to safeguard the core interests of the country and the fundamental interests of the people, the Chinese government will, as always, have to make the necessary counter-measures."

The tariffs implemented by China include the major U.S. fruit exports to the Asian country, including cherries, citrus and apples. 

The list of some 6,000 products the U.S. said it would target include Chinese produce items such as garlic, nuts, pears, apples and onions.


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