U.S.: Sheehan Genetics to start licensing grape varieties directly

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U.S.: Sheehan Genetics to start licensing grape varieties directly

California based company Sheehan Genetics has announced that its long-standing exclusivity agreement with Williams Nurseries has expired.

The nursery had been an exclusive agent for all the plantings of Sheehan Genetics - which owns the Sheegene collection of varieties - in the U.S. since 2004.

“We are grateful to Williams for all their help and support over the years, but now it is time for us to control our own business in the US, as we do elsewhere in the world, where we already have some 50000 acres of our varieties planted,” said Duncan Macintyre, director of Sheehan.

The company will now take over all aspects of its business in the U.S. including direct licensing of growers for all new plantings of Sheehan varieties.

Macintyre added that the company will continue investing heavily in its breeding program and looks forward to bringing innovating new varieties to the market over the coming years.

Sheehan also said that it would continue to work closely with its two authorized nurseries, Wonderful Nurseries and Casa Cristal Nursery.

The company is working on an expansion under COO Elena Aguaron, who said that this is an exciting time for Sheehan Genetics. 

“We already have three of our varieties in the California top 15 list and we expect this number to increase next year as more new plantings come on stream”.

Sheehan Genetics is the owner of several leading varieties sold under various trademarks including Ivory (Sheegene 21), Sugar Crunch (Sheegene 21 from Pandol Bros), Allison (Sheegene 20), Great Green (Sheegene 17), Green Emerald (Sheegene 17 from Jakov P Dulcich), Timpson (Sheegene 2), Krissy (Sheegene 12), Timco (Sheegene 13) and Magena (Sheegene 3).

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