Chilean cherry exports running 9% lower than last season

December 04 , 2018

Chilean cherry exports as of week 47 (ending Nov. 25) had reached 12,906 metric tons (MT), which is 9% lower than by the same week last season, according to information from Decofrut.

Of the total, 87% have been sent to the Far Eastern market, followed by the U.S. (with 806MT), Latin America (511MT), Europe (254MT) and the Middle East (22MT).

In terms of FOT (Free On Truck) prices in the destination markets, as of week 48 in the Far East, the average price was US$9.65 per kilogram, while in the U.S. it was US$6.93 and in Europe US$7.71.

The main varieties that Chile has so far exported to the Far East are Royal Dawn and Santina, which make up almost 5,000MT each.

Of the early arrivals in the Chinese market, the Brooks and Rainier varieties have fetched the highest average prices.

Brooks has achieved US$31.45 per kilo on for SXJ sizes (30mm+), and US$18.90 for XJ (28-29.9mm). This second price is 17% higher year-on-year.

For Rainier, the average prices have been US$17.80 for SXJ and US$17.09 for XJ per kilogram. While these prices are in the higher range of all Chilean varieties in China, they are lower than last season, which saw an average of US$19.48 for SXJ and US$19.32 for XJ.




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