Spain: Ag organizations call for protest amid citrus industry 'crisis'

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Spain: Ag organizations call for protest amid citrus industry 'crisis'

Multiple Spanish agricultural organizations have called for a protest on Dec. 14 to demand solutions for what they say is a crisis affecting citrus growers.

It said that a combination of factors including poor market conditions and weather have caused loss of around €163 million (US$195 million).

The Valencian Farmers’ Association, AVA-ASAJA, has urged farmers to protest outside the Ministry of Agriculture amid the "challenging price crisis that is ruining thousands of Valencian producers during the current campaign".

The Farmers’ Federation of Castellón (FEPAC-ASAJA) and the Small Farmers' Union (UPA-PV) also called for action from farmers.

"Various negative circumstances - caused both by the situation of the markets and by climate behavior - have ended up leading to a tremendously adverse situation that is resulting in millions of losses for orange farmers," AVA-ASAJA said.

It said it was important for producers to express their feelings in order to press the government for both short-term measures to alleviate the most immediate problems as well as a roadmap toward the future that will help the industry to be more competitive.

AVA-ASAJA said the government has only so far committed to providing subsidized loans, offering tax rebates and preparing a plan for varietal reconversion, which the organization described as "absolutely insufficient".

It is requesting the withdrawal of 250,000 metric tons (MT) of fresh fruit from the market and greater support for farms hit by flooding. It also urged trade agreements to be renegotiated, saying they give other supplies competitive advantages.


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