Chile: Valparaiso port worker strike ends after 35 days

December 24 , 2018

Workers at the Chilean port of Valparaiso have accepted an offer from the operator, The Valparaiso Port Company (EPV), bring an end to a strike that lasted for 35 days.

An agreement was signed between the workers and the Ministry of Labor alongside representatives of both parties last week.

EPV's offer included a bonus of 750,000 pesos (US$1,100), a gift card of 250,000 pesos (US$360) and a training course worth 400,000 pesos (US$600).

The final stage of talks took place over 12 hours before an agreement was reached.

The paralyzation started on Nov. 16 and resulted in around 90% of fruit shipments being diverted to other ports, such as San Antonio which exported 10-times more fruit compared to the same period last year.

Fedrfruta president Jorge Valenzuela told Fresh Fruit Portal a few days ago that no fruit losses had been reported as all the fruit had been shipped from other ports.



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