China: Chilean cherries set record for most pieces of fruit in a line -

China: Chilean cherries set record for most pieces of fruit in a line

Chile's Association of Fruit Exporters (ASOEX) has been awarded the Guinness World Record for the most pieces of fruit in a single line, in its latest promotional push in the Chinese market.

The feat was carried out in Shanghai and involved 24,638 individual cherries placed in a continuous line to form the image of two large cherries.

ASOEX and trade promotion agency ProChile organized the event to promote the 'Cherries from Chile' brand. 

"As consumers in China wrap up for the winter and families come together for the Spring Festival, in Chile it is summer and these counter-seasonal fruits are now been harvested," said ASOEX president Ronald Bown.

Christian Tagle, president of the Chilean Cherry Committee, said: "In the last decade, eating cherries in the counter-season has quickly become a new tradition over the holiday period in China.

"However, given that the winter consumption of cherries in China is relatively new, it doesn't have the same historic and cultural meaning as other fruits, such as mandarins, which are associated with good fortune, or apples which symbolize peace and tranquility. 

"Therefore, we want to position red, sweet and juicy cherries from Chile as a fruit that invites people to 'enjoy their red moments'. The 'red moments' are those special moments when we come together with family, friends or colleagues and we share Chilean cherries."