U.S.: California Avocado Commission sets extensive marketing campaign in motion

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U.S.: California Avocado Commission sets extensive marketing campaign in motion

The California Avocado Commission (CAC) has launched a new advertising campaign for the state's 2019 avocado season, which kicked off in April.

It aims to appeal to consumers who drive up category sales the most, labeled by the CAC as "premium Californians" and "super avocado users".

The CAC hopes to reach this demographic with highly targetable media, including its bright “Made of California” graphics, which appear in California outdoor ads as well as digital and social advertising.

In the case of its audio advertising, commercials via Spotify let listeners know California avocados are in season, as CAC’s digital content partners broadcast recipe usage ideas and California avocado-specific messaging.

Meanwhile, newly created videos on popular streaming platforms, such as Hulu, feature local avocado growers and California avocado groves.

As for CAC's time-honored decision to feature growers and groves in its videos, that move was influenced by its marketing program research.

According to the Commission, last year's most well-liked video of the Commission's marketing campaign showed footage shot by a drone flying over a California avocado grove.

The videos, in addition to other forms of the plan's media, are set to run from now until after the peak Fourth of July consumption period, in select regions.

“With California avocado distribution focused in California and the West this year, it is critical that CAC targets our advertising geographically," says Jan DeLyser, CAC vice president of marketing.

"We are using partners who have fine-tuned location targeting tactics to serve our retail messages,” he adds.

Research conducted by Nielsen during the California avocado season last year found the CAC's approach is working.

The study, carried out from April 4 through Sept. 4, compared opinions of consumers exposed to CAC digital advertising (tracked via ad tags) to those in the same markets who were not.

Nielson reports: "After campaign exposure, unaided brand awareness increased, and the percent of consumers who said they would recommend California avocados rose significantly to 93 percent.

"The Commission also learned that adults with household incomes over $75,000 were directionally more likely to say they preferred avocados grown in California after ad exposure."

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