Canada: With cherry trees in bloom, company forecasts late-June pick dates

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Canada: With cherry trees in bloom, company forecasts late-June pick dates

Cherry trees have bloomed across multiple regions in Canada, with full blossom occurring on April 24 in South Okanagan, May 1 in North Okanagan, and May 5 in Creston Valley, leading to Global Fruit Brokers Ltd.'s forecast that 700,000 of their 800,000 20-pound cases (each being equivalent to 9 kilograms) will fall in August.

The company says growing conditions have been favorable, which should be beneficial to this season's harvest.

"Weather for pollination and cell division has been wonderful and the coming week looks terrific as well. Tentative pick dates are predicted to begin June 23rd and finish September 1st."

The company plans to continue shipping until mid-September and says they are excited about the late start to their season and are looking forward to Labor Day Canadian Cherry promotions.

Last year, the country's cherry season ended at the end of August, earlier than what was originally predicted, following a summer heat wave that compressed its window.

Still, even with a shorter time frame, Canada saw an incredibly successful season in 2018. With the tensions and resulting trade war between the U.S. and China escalating, Canada had a greater opportunity to export to the Asian market.

According to Statistics Canada, Canada boosted its exports to China in by 82% in 2018, reaching a total of 2,914 metric tons (MT).

Beyond the increase in export volumes to the Eastern nation, the FOB values for its China shipments rose by double that rate, increasing 152% to US$25.8 million.

Time will tell if Canada can match last year's lucrative season with this year's crops.



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