AgroFresh and Zest Labs partner on sales solutions for global markets

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AgroFresh and Zest Labs partner on sales solutions for global markets

AgroFresh Solutions, Inc., a major player in produce freshness solutions, and Zest Labs, Inc., an AgTech company modernizing the post-harvest fresh food supply chain, have announced a new partnership. Through their collaboration, the corporations say they aim to strengthen their end-to-end solutions.

AgroFresh says it will incorporate Zest Labs’ Zest Fresh solution into its FreshCloud Transit Insights platform.

It explains the agreement will utilize both companies’ resources and strengths to improve operations, increase visibility into produce shelf life and reduce food waste.

Zest Fresh to 'accelerate' adoption of Agro Fresh tech

AgroFresh’s FreshCloud platform is a data-backed, insights-driven solution for monitoring produce quality through the supply chain. With this technology, the platform predicts produce freshness, quality and optimal consumption timing.

Meanwhile, AgroFresh calls Zest Fresh the post-harvest freshness management solution for today's produce industry. It adds that Zest Fresh not only meets the industry’s freshness needs but also monitors the grower’s processes.

“As we continue to prioritize data and technology to enhance produce freshness and minimize food waste, this strategic collaboration will strengthen our existing portfolio, particularly our data-centric FreshCloud platform,” comments Jordi Ferre, CEO of AgroFresh.

“Zest Fresh is a natural fit with our FreshCloud Transit Insights solution and will accelerate the adoption of our technology to additional markets.”

Expanding into new markets

Peter Mehring, CEO of Zest Labs elaborates. “AgroFresh’s offering of Zest Fresh is significant."

He considers AgroFresh a trusted global expert in post-harvest science. Furthermore, with over 3,500 customers worldwide, he believes the corporation can quickly expand Zest Fresh into new markets.

“Our collective science-based, data-driven solutions and shared market vision for ensuring delivered freshness and reducing food waste provide a foundation for a successful partnership.”

AgroFresh emphasizes that it has decades of experience concerning produce freshness. Due to this expertise, it says it helps its customers preserve freshness, extend peak ripeness, maximize yield and ultimately, prevent food waste.

It believes Zest Fresh can complement its platform by providing analytics and freshness management expertise. AgroFresh notes this, in turn, will strengthen the visibility of key freshness metrics through distribution.

Through this collaboration, AgroFresh comments that it will offer the Zest Fresh pallet-level freshness management platform for fresh produce. It adds this will be part of its FreshCloud Transit Insights solution.

The corporation applauds Zest Fresh for its accomplishments. Specifically, it notes how the company has provided growers, distributors and retailers with autonomous, field-to-shelf product visibility. In addition, Zest Fresh also works to reduces waste and retail shrink up to 50% or more.

As a result of this collaboration, AgroFresh says its FreshCloud solution will benefit more customers across more crops.

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