U.S.: Apeel reveals "incredible" supplier network for range of longer-life produce items

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U.S.: Apeel reveals

Apeel Sciences has announced its supplier partnerships that it says will enable a consistent year-round supply of longer-shelf-life avocados, limes, asparagus, and apples for the U.S. market.

The growing network of innovative grower-packer-shippers will use Apeel’s plant-derived technology to deliver longer-lasting freshness and less waste.

Avocado supplies include Del Monte, Eco Farms, Del Rey, Horton Fruit Company, and RV Aguacates. For asparagus, Apeel's suppliers are Alpine Fresh, Beta, Farm Direct Supply and La Venta.

For limes, it has SiCar Farms on board, and for organic apples, Olympic/Sage Fruit.

“Apeel’s supplier network allows us to connect with retailers and other companies who look to technology for solutions that deliver superior products, increase profits and reduce our environmental footprint,” said Gordon Robertson, chief revenue officer at Apeel Sciences.

“We’re proud and honored to stand with this incredible network of industry leaders who are shaping the future of food.” 

Apeel’s expansion into asparagus, limes and apples builds on its success with avocados at retailers including Kroger and Harps.

More than 50% food waste reduction at retail

The company says its technology continues to demonstrate a greater-than-50% reduction in food waste at the retail level.

Moreover, in shipping trials from Peru into the U.S. and Europe, Apeel Asparagus demonstrated nearly 50% less water loss in refrigerated and ambient temperatures. This adds enough shelf life to "enable new transportation modes", it said.

Apeel Limes’ performance results are equally compelling with an average three-fold shelf life extension and 60% reduction in mass loss. 

The company says provides its strategic suppliers with access to expertise, shelf-life data, supply chain solutions and brand activations.

The plant-derived technology provides produce with a little extra “peel” that slows the rate of water loss and oxidation, the company says.

It adds the technology is the only "plant-derived end-to-end supply chain innovation" that creates an "optimal microclimate" inside fruit.


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