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'Groundbreaking' new venture to create 'world's largest indoor farming project'

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'Groundbreaking' new venture to create 'world's largest indoor farming project'

Mastronardi Produce and visionary John Paul DeJoria say they will develop 'the world's largest and most advanced indoor farming project'.

North American greenhouse grower Mastronardi said they've selected the Middle East as the first market for the new venture.

The newly formed company, Green International Ventures LLC (GIVE), will use its proprietary Advanced High-Density Farming System.

This will be the first project for the "groundbreaking" venture, Mastronardi said.

Most advanced indoor farming project

The company said the project will reduce the Middle East’s dependence on imported food, create a sustainable source of local employment, and significantly increase the region’s non-petroleum-based exports.

Green International Ventures poised for international expansion

Paul Mastronardi, president, and CEO said the company is eager to increase access to local and sustainably-grown produce.

“Our first location in the Middle East will allow us to reach over half the world’s population in less than 8 hours, and this is just the start," he said.

"[We will] look for more global locations as we continue to scale to meet the growing need for food security, safety, and sustainability.”

GIVE will also support the integration of modern AgTech initiatives into the local farming community, the company said. In addition, it will expand knowledge of sustainable agricultural techniques by establishing a Research and Development facility in the region.

“It has long been my passion to help feed the world’s population,” says John Paul DeJoria. “The introduction of this revolutionary model in the Middle East is the first step of many towards increasing global access to sustainably grown fruits and vegetables.”

Furthermore, all GIVE projects use innovative Advanced High-Density Farming Systems that incorporate a multitude of cutting-edge growing systems. These include water-saving irrigation and energy-efficient lighting. It also takes advantage of advanced automation, AI processes for predictive analysis, and real-time crop and soil monitoring.

GIVE will market all produce it produces with the innovation systems under the SUNSET brand. 



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