Ilapak develops plastic-free fresh fruit and vegetable packs

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Ilapak develops plastic-free fresh fruit and vegetable packs

Worldwide manufacturer of packaging machines, Ilapak, has developed new plastic-free packaging for fresh fruit and vegetables. 

The packs are produced by an innovative flow wrapping solution, incorporating a special coating which allows the smooth running of compostable and paper films. The machine is able to pack small fruit and vegetables into paper trays and then secure it with compostable film. 

Last year, Ilapak unveiled the new Carrera 1500 flow wrapping platform. This new solution is based on the Carrera 1500 but introduces a special folding box, enabling the flow wrapper to handle paper and compostable films. 

Ilapak claims that these innovative solutions respond to the budget and flexibility requirements of mid-range produce operations, as well as helping them reduce their plastic use in response to strong public demand.


“Consumers are increasingly eschewing plastic packaging, but from a producer perspective, finding an alternative that is cost effective and matches the performance of plastic films is not an easy challenge," said Christian Romualdi, marketing communications manager.

“In-depth machinery trials also have to be carried out on any new materials to ensure they can be run on equipment. Recognizing that consumer resistance to plastic is a growing trend our customers need to respond to, we have invested heavily in R&D in this area.” 

Romualdi believes this new solution has ‘satisfied both retailer and consumer calls for biodegradable packaging’.

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