Spanish fruit export volume up 14% but value flat in H1

September 25 , 2019

Spanish fruit exports saw a strong increase in volume in the first half of the year, but the value of trade was flat.

Volume was up by 14% year-on-year from January through June, to 4.8 million metric tons (MT). Over the same period, the value rose a mere 1% to US$4.9bn.

According to industry body Fepex the situation was mainly due to citrus and watermelons. Both categories saw similar increases in volume and decreases in value in line with the overall trend.

In addition, the volume of peach exports rose by 5% but the value fell by 2%. Nectarines managed to rise by an impressive 21%  in volume but the value of shipments reduced by 1%.

The situation was not as bad for berries, which rose by 8% in volume and 3% in value.

Within the berry category, raspberries saw the biggest increase in volume, rising by 38% to 52,501MT. Raspberry export value rose by 11% to €318m. 

Blueberry export volume rose by 23% to 64,736MT and in value by 8% to €321m.