U.S.: Table grape storage numbers shoot up in second report

October 06 , 2019

The volume of U.S. table grapes in storage has shot up since the first report in mid-September, which pegged supplies significantly lower than in previous years.

The USDA's second Western Fruit Report Grape Cold Storage Summary said that the reported volume of fruit as of Sept. 30 was 10.4m boxes. That's 31% up on the 7.9m boxes just two weeks before.

The latest figure is still significantly down on the 12.9m boxes registered on Sept. 30 last year, but only slightly below the 10.8m boxes reported in 2017.

The increase this season between the Sept. 15 and 30 reports was driven by Autumn King, the 'other red' category, and Scarlet Royal.

Late-season green seedless variety Autumn King is up from 521,000 boxes to 1.4m boxes, while 'other red' is up from 1.1m to 1.7m boxes, and mid-season red seedless Scarlet Royal has risen from 2.5m to 3.1m.

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