China: First Peruvian OZblu blueberries received by Riverking

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China: First Peruvian OZblu blueberries received by Riverking

Riverking, one of China's leading fruit importers, has held an event in the country to celebrate the arrival of its first container of Peruvian-grown OZblu blueberries.

The company held a welcome ceremony at the Shanghai Huizhan Fruit and Vegetable Market on Sept. 29, amid confidence that the Australian-bred blueberries will perform very well in the Chinese market.

Sean Chen of Riverking said the fruit proved to be extremely popular, with the entire container selling out in just two hours.

"The appearance, size and taste of the OZblu blueberries are much better than other varieties in the market," he said.

"We will be importing this variety from Peru until the end of the season. This is only the first container, and the next one will arrive in Shanghai in mid-October."

He added that the company has "very high confidence" in this variety in the Chinese market, with the client providing excellent feedback about the fruit. 

The milestone for Riverking comes amid strong year-on-year blueberry consumption growth in China, driven in part by the superfruit's health benefits.

The blueberries were exported by Migiva Group, which last year entered into a partnership with OZblu to grow the fruit in the Americas.

Mark Pidgeon of OZblu Asia said: "Today’s opening of the first container of OZblu blueberries produced in Peru, here in Shanghai, has been many decades in the making."

"David and Leasa Mazzardis the Australian breeder’s behind OZblu blueberries have spent a lifetime creating a bigger, tastier and crunchier blueberry for customers to enjoy around the world."

He added that the Riverking team has put a lot of effort into preparing for the season, and OZblu is very happy with its partnership with the company.

Carla Cieza of the Peruvian Consul's Economic Office in Shanghai said: "Peru as a supplier of excellent fruits for the world market has the pleasure of working with OZblu blueberries in providing high-quality products to Chinese consumers.

"Today we are gathering for the opening of their first blueberry container in Huizhan Fruit Market and wish them a successful Peruvian blueberry season. Thank very much to OZblu and RiverKing team for this excellent cooperation."


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