Peru’s ProArándanos: “We will remain the world’s top blueberry exporter”

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Peru’s ProArándanos: “We will remain the world’s top blueberry exporter”

Despite a delayed start, the 2024 Peruvian blueberry season is preparing for another promising campaign. However, due to the lingering effects of El Niño, the sector experienced reduced volumes from May to June as higher temperatures altered the fruit’s cycle.

Luis Miguel Vegas.

Luis Miguel Vegas.

ProArándanos General Manager, Luis Miguel Vegas, told that pruning occurred a month later than usual and that the sector expects to reach its production peak in November, similar to last year.

"Normally pruning takes place on December 15, but this time it took place on January 15. This, of course, affects this year's campaign,” Vegas said.

However, ProArándanos projected volumes similar to the previous campaign’s, with a slight increase forecasted in September.

“Between July and September two years ago, we shipped 127 million kilos (approximately 280 million pounds). Last year, with El Niño present, we shipped 60 million kilos (132 million lbs.). This year we are projecting a little more in this period, but, as I said, not much more. So we see that Peru is recovering volume, but only slightly,” Vegas added.

As for prices, Vegas explained that last year the industry saw a “significant rebound” due to the production drop. With the campaign’s slow start, the executive predicts they “should see a significant rebound in prices” this year.

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The world’s leading blueberry exporter

As weather patterns return to normal, the Peruvian blueberry industry observes healthy flowering. Vegas anticipates excellent offerings and a broader variety of products.

This, Vegas said, sets the stage for another great season, as well as cementing the country’s position as the leading blueberry exporter in the world.

More important than the total volume or being the main exporters, Vegas said, is the volume’s behavior during the campaign.

“It is a very different story if you are the main exporter in the world, but you have a volume spread over several months of the year, or if you are the main exporter in the world and you have all your volume in a single month because your financial results are going to be completely different,” he explained.

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