Wonderful Seedless Lemons launch nationwide

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Wonderful Seedless Lemons launch nationwide

The Wonderful Company's new seedless lemon brand has is now rolling at grocery stores across the U.S. and online at Amazon Fresh.

Wonderful Seedless Lemons will be available in limited supply in year one, launching seasonally this November through May 2020, and are packaged in one- and two-pound bags.

According to a third-party study commissioned by The Wonderful Company that surveyed lemon buyers, 83% were likely to purchase a seedless lemon and 81% believe seedless lemons would be more convenient than lemons with seeds.

“We are excited to introduce Wonderful Seedless Lemons to consumers who will love this new premium variety of lemon that is naturally seedless and Non-GMO Project Verified," said Adam Cooper, senior vice president of marketing at The Wonderful Company.

"They’re just as juicy and have all the flavor of conventional lemons, but with none of the annoyance of seeds, saving you time in the kitchen."

The Wonderful Seedless Lemons variety was originally discovered in Australia by a farmer. Using innovative breeding techniques for a number of years, he finally developed a seedless lemon tree in his orchard. 

The Wonderful Company expects to grow its new citrus brand with similar success as Wonderful Halos. That brand became the U.S.'s leading mandarin brand in less than five years.

The new brand will be supported by a robust consumer marketing campaign. This will include in-store point-of-sale (POS) displays, as well as digital and influencer marketing initiatives.

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