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U.S. startup Bowery to open largest farm yet

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U.S. startup Bowery to open largest farm yet

Bowery, a Google Ventures-backed indoor farming company, is opening a new farm in Baltimore, reports Fast Company.

The startup is among those who seek to disrupt the agricultural industry and confront challenges in traditional farming. 

Bowery opened its first farm in New Jersey in 2017 after officially launching in 2015. The New York-based company grows leafy greens in the U.S.

This news comes alongside similar companies, Gotham Green in Baltimore and Fifth Season in Pittsburg, opening new indoor tech-farms.

After recently announcing an additional US$50m raised from investors, it plans to open a facility that is almost four times larger than the last. 

Sales are expected to begin early next year as it begins planting crops this week. 

Bowery CEO Irving Fain was quoted saying that the startup has been careful in scaling and growing their business - both in how the company farms and how it approaches changes in technology. 

He went on to say that farming could become more sustainable if the business model succeeds. Specifically, indoor growing systems can shrink water use by more than 95%.

Additionally, growing inside reduces the risk of pests and disease. For example, Bowery cited that its farms are 100 times more productive than a traditional farm on the same amount of land.

It also explained that its software analyzes plant growth and collects data on conditions in real-time.

This, Fain told Fast Company, contributes to a larger operating system that affects yields at all of Bowery's farms.

"What we’re doing is we’re building this distributed network of farms, and every new farm comes online with the benefit of all the prior farms that have come before it."

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