Walmart revamps produce section to "refresh" shopping experience

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Walmart revamps produce section to

Walmart says its "refreshing" its shopping experience by redesigning its produce section. In an effort to showcase more clearly the store's products, the redesign is already underway.

It will roll out the project, called "Produce 2.0", to 800 stores by the end of January.

Following an announcement a few years ago that the grocer was going to invest in improvements to produce, Walmart is now focusing on crafting a different "feel" to its produce section.

Previously, the grocer added more organic and locally grown produce. Additionally, it reminds customers that it has "deepened relationships with farmers" by cutting time in the supply chain.

By providing shoppers more space to roam with wider aisles and more accessible bins, it hopes to improve both aesthetics and efficiency.

Walmart wants to make shopping more enjoyable with more lighting and specially angled fixtures.

It also notes an addition of an organics section so that consumers who prefer organic products can experience "one-stop shopping".

New signs and low profile displays are designed to allow customers to better see produce and prices.

Not only do these changes make a difference for customers, but also makes the job easier for workers who set up displays, claims Walmart.

This move isn't coincidental, according to a report by Bloomberg. Fighting back against competitor Amazon, Walmart sees improvements in its produce department as a way to elevate its image.

Changes are just beginning to happen as the company has started the process of renovation in hundreds of stores.

While the first stores will finish remodels soon, the finished product will appear in all stores by next summer.

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