Peruvian grape exports set October record with strong U.S. boost

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Peruvian grape exports set October record with strong U.S. boost

Peruvian table grape exports started off strong this year, setting a record for October and increasing dramatically to the U.S. market.

Data from the country's Exporters' Association (ADEX) shows that exports in the season's opening month rose by 15% to US$72m.

Table grapes represented 12% of Peru's total agricultural exports during October, second to blueberries, but ahead of asparagus, onions, quinoa, cacao, and bananas.

The Netherlands was the main table grape export market during the month, growing by 3% to US$25m, followed by the U.K. with 6% growth.

The U.S. was the third biggest market, exports to that destination saw the largest growth by far, with 211%. The three-folder higher exports year-on-year came as stocks in the U.S. market were reported to be significantly lower than the previous season.

The fourth market was Indonesia with 57% growth, and South Korea with 1%.

There was also significant growth to markets including Ireland, Costa Rica, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Guatemala and Portugal.

While Red Globe has traditionally been Peru's most exported grape variety, ADEX noted that the situation has been changing over recent years. Many companies have been growing seedless grapes with good results.

Some of these are Superior Seedless, Crimson Seedless, Flame Seedless, and Thompson Seedless.


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