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Peruvian grape production projected up

June 13 , 2024

Despite last year's production being affected by higher temperatures, cooler weather could boost Peruvian grape production, according to Fanny Robles, sales and procurement executive at Vanguard International Group Peru.

In a recent seminar hosted by Fluctuante, Robles addressed the main trends, challenges, and opportunities for Peruvian grape exports.

She noted that demand for Peruvian grapes continues to rise, as the South American powerhouse has become one of the leading exporters in the hemisphere.

Although Chile was Peru's main competitor in the grape market, Peru has significantly surpassed it, "so there is recognition, demand and a need for Peruvian table grapes," Robles said.

She added that there is currently a “strong planting of green table grapes” and a reduction in the production of Red Globe. 

"There is a lower production volume of red varieties. This generates a greater demand for red grapes to compensate and balance production," she emphasized.

Regarding varieties, she indicated that there is a clear preference for patented table grapes from Peru, such as Bloom Fresh and Sun World.

"There are also open varieties, such as Thompson and Crimson, but they have been losing strength in the market, because these new varieties have come out, such as Sweet Globe, Sweet Celebration, and Allison, which have a higher productivity per hectare and also a better post-harvest life, size and color," Robles added.

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Market dynamics

Robles explained that California's harvest was affected by Hurricane Norma, "which caused a reduction in the volume of exports and sales of local grapes in the United States”.

She added that China was affected as well, but not from a climatic point of view, but from an economic perspective. 

"In the last grape season we could see the ravages of an economy in post-pandemic recession and due to an exchange rate issue. This caused a 10 to 15% drop in grape exports to this market," she pointed out.

Regarding Peruvian grape prices, the executive commented that last season they were the highest in the last eight years. 

"It was beneficial because in the northern zone prices were 15-20% higher than the previous season, although in some cases it could not compensate for the loss of production of some exporters," Robles said.

Robles explained that another benefit obtained by the sector was the reduction in shipping rates, "since we had two seasons with high shipping rates and logistics operations as a result of the post-pandemic, but last year we returned to freight values equal to or even lower than what we had before the pandemic".

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