GreenTech Webinar Talks: Deep dive into horticulture technologies

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GreenTech Webinar Talks: Deep dive into horticulture technologies

Amsterdam – GreenTech continues with the Webinar Talks on 8 – 10 June, the original dates of the GreenTech Amsterdam show. Each day will tackle a different horticulture topic: ‘Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge’, ‘Indoor/vertical farming’ and ‘Medicinal Cannabis’. The webinars are for horticulture professionals worldwide who want to virtual deep dive into horticulture technologies.

On Monday 8 June at 09:00am – 10:30am (UTC+2) the Webinar Talks kick-off with the ‘Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge’ of Wageningen University & Research (WUR). During a 6-months-period, international teams conducted an experiment to grow remotely a cherry tomato crop, in a greenhouse of WUR. The winner of this challenge will be announced during the webinar by the jury and the organizers share the analysis of the results.

Silke Hemming, head scientific research team Greenhouse Technology at WUR, explains why this challenge is important for the industry: “Multi-disciplinary research and international cooperation are essential to create new solutions for safe and high quality greenhouse crop production. The cross-over of high-tech industry and greenhouse horticulture are an excellent example.”

Tuesday 9 June at 16:00pm – 17:30pm (UTC+2) the webinar about indoor/vertical farming is organised in cooperation with FarmTech Society and Agritecture and will discuss three examples of ‘Food safety, waste, and security in the wake of COVID-19’. And also a panel of international experts dive deeper into the flaws of our food supply chain revealed by the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Gus van der Feltz, chairman FarmTech Society, says: “People need access to safe, affordable and healthy produced food independent of where they live. Controlled Environment Agriculture can help realize this for many millions.”

“Medicinal Cannabis still growing strong”, the theme on Wednesday 10 June also at 16:00pm – 17:30pm (UTC+2). This Webinar Talk will be moderated by Phytonext and Cultivators. Despite COVID-19 and slower regulatory developments the medicinal cannabis market is still growing globally. Experts will give an update about their regional markets, from USA, Canada to Europe and Australia, among others Jenn Ayott and Laust Dam. Also there will be a discussion around all cultivation aspects and the latest developments by participants such as Ridder and Grodan.

Bob Hoban, president & founder Hoban Law Group, his view: “Will the cannabis industry continue to boom? The answer is a resounding yes. We are laying the groundwork for a new global commodity. We are just creating the surface of the cannabis plant's potential, and how its seemingly endless applications will fit into global supply chains across countless verticals. While certain crazes will wax and wane, the future is undoubtedly bright.“

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GreenTech Amsterdam
GreenTech Amsterdam will be held Tuesday 20 – Thursday 22 October 2020. The exhibition is a global meeting place for all horticultural technology professionals. GreenTech focuses on the early stages of the horticultural chain and the current issues growers face. All Dutch front runners, greenhouse builders and suppliers are present. Last year a total of 12,489 professionals from 114 countries visited GreenTech Amsterdam.
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