Europe: Warm weather boosts stone fruit prospects -

Europe: Warm weather boosts domestic stone fruit prospects, says supplier

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Europe: Warm weather boosts domestic stone fruit prospects, says supplier

Europe-based grower-supplier SanLucar says that warm temperatures in Central Europe in recent weeks have boosted the prospects for the stone fruit season.

The company, which is heavily focused on the German and Austrian markets, grows stone fruit in Spain, Italy and Turkey, with the season running from April to September.

Consumers' rising interest in fresh produce has also improved the season outlook, it said.

"Although the weather has marked the beginning of the season, as well as the uncertainty about future consumer behavior, the outlook is in fact more than optimistic," said Alberto Olivares, stone fruit product manager at SanLucar

"Especially from the second week of June onwards, we expect a high and sustained demand throughout the entire season."

SanLucar said it is already recording high product demand, and has doubled the sales of its innovative slider for apricots, nectarines and flat peaches.

Olivares added that the stone fruit sector has adapted well to the Covid-19 pandemic with the application of additional safety measures in the field and in the warehouses.

"The whole agricultural sector is aware of the essential activity we perform and therefore no efforts have been spared to continue responding to market demand, even under such exceptional circumstances as the present," he said.

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