Broom Frio Holding continues its growth at international level

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Broom Frio Holding continues its growth at international level

By Broom Group

With the intention of strengthening the commitment to our clients, Broom Group in 2013 began the development of Broom Frio Holding (BFH).

The objective of BFH ( is the development of Logistics Hubs at strategic points in the supply chain. Through investment in infrastructure, BFH seeks to ensure the traceability of our clients' products and while also maximizing the value delivered in our offer.

BFH was born with the creation of BFH Ovalle, in La Serena, Chile. Today, after seven years of constant development through organic growth and acquisitions, we have three locations in operation: BFH Ovalle - Chile, BFH Ridderkerk - Netherlands and Bakker & Leenheer - B&L (, in addition to a logistics project in Mórrope (Peru). 

In 2020, through the company Broom Frio Holding Mórrope, we started the construction of a cold storage facility for fresh fruit. This is mainly intended to satisfy the demand generated by the Olmos irrigation project.

This Logistics Hub will be developed in three phases and will have three packing lines, 4,500 positions in cold rooms, a truck and container yard, and warehouse spaces complemented by Aerodomo ( The opening of this project will be at the end of this year (December 2020).

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