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Vanguard lists five things to know about the Peruvian grape season

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Vanguard lists five things to know about the Peruvian grape season

By Vanguard International. This article was originally posted in the company's newsletter.

1. Climate. The Peruvian growing climate has been showing positive change based on previous seasons. The coldest point of the year is now in the rear-view mirror and the trend is tracking towards warming temperatures. With exception of January, February and March, year 2020 has maximum temperatures being higher than the previous year.

2. Fields. The grape production fields are in varying phenological states. Stages depending on the various crops include dormancy, bud break stage, setting, and early stages of cluster development. With the consistent dedication that goes into every Vanguard growing region, Peruvian grapes are being farmed in accordance with an established harvest plan and industry-leading quality standards.

3. Team. In the midst of this very busy grape growing season, the Vanguard Peru team has also set focus on personal development that supports both strong organizational growth as well as individual continuous improvement. “It is the people that work within Vanguard Peru that form the heart and soul of our business and ultimately define our success,” shared Manuel Yzaga, Vanguard Perú.

4. Packing House. To ensure our packing team and facilities are safely equipped to pack the grapes, the state-of-the-art packing house has sufficient space as it was purposely built for expansion – so it is allowing the team to rapidly increase the packing area for the coming harvest. Teams will also be supplied with the appropriate personal protective equipment within the packing house.

5. Looking Ahead. Our season is bringing an anticipated strong yield. The anticipated start of the harvest will be November 2020 with I.P. green and red seedless varieties first to market.


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