Berries in Spanish province of Huelva hit by strong winds

Spain: Strong winds hit berry production in Huelva

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Spain: Strong winds hit berry production in Huelva

Spanish berries are among the casualties of strong winds and rain late last week that caused severe damage in parts of the province of Huelva.

Local media reports that the hurricane-like winds were short-lived, but had such a force that they devastated numerous agricultural production sites.

The damage was most severe in the west of the province, especially in the Valdeflores area, northwest of the Cartaya municipal area, Huelva Información reports.

Most affected were greenhouse infrastructure, along with berry, citrus, and persimmon farms. In the berry category, it appears that raspberries were most affected.

David Díaz Rodríguez, one of the most affected farmers from Cartagena, said that the phenomenon devastated more than three hectares of strawberry, blueberry and raspberry plantations on his farm alone.

It also damaged a roof and knocked down everything in the way, requiring plastics that had been lying on top of the plants to be removed to avoid further damage.

David said that one of the plots affected was "fully ready to be planted with raspberries the next day."

In addition to the coast of Huelva, the impact of the wind was also noticeable in points of the Andévalo and the Sierra.

Emergency authorities in Andalusia had to deal with a dozen incidents caused by the wind in the province late last week.

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