Sun World grants import license to Canadian company

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Sun World grants import license to Canadian company

Sun World International LLC. has added Canadian company Star Produce to its panel of licensed importers.

Their appointment brings the company’s panel of licensed importers to 11 licensees, further expanding the supply and distribution of Sun World’s proprietary grape varieties throughout North America.

Each of the companies holds a license to distribute and market Sun World’s full line of proprietary grapes in the U.S. and Canada from licensed Chilean, Peruvian, Brazilian and South African suppliers, whose nominations by Sun World licensed marketers throughout the Southern Hemisphere led to their selection.

The licenses include the right to utilize the California company’s varietal brand trademarks such as Autumncrisp, Midnight Beauty and Scarlotta Seedless.

“We are pleased to appoint Star Produce, to further bolster our presence in the global fruit trade,” said Garth Swinburn, vice-president of licensing for Sun World.

“We’re confident that providing further access to our extraordinary grape varieties will allow our licensed growers to maximize their revenues, while increasing consumer exposure to our grapes and our varietal brands,” he said.

Star Produce was founded in 1989 and is one of Canada’s largest table grape importers. 

“We are very proud to become an official licensed importer of Sun World grape varieties,” Star Produce President Jarrett Little said.

“The opportunity to source premium varietal brands such as Autumncrisp, Midnight Beauty, and Sable Seedless [among others] from South American and South African table grape programs compliments our “Big Taste” line of fruits and vegetables,” he said.

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