AgroFresh expands rollout of AgTech innovation with Australian fruit grower

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AgroFresh expands rollout of AgTech innovation with Australian fruit grower

AgroFresh Solutions, Inc., a global leader in produce freshness solutions, today announced that Montague, one of Australia’s largest fruit growers, will utilize FreshCloud™ Quality Inspection to drive a comprehensive transformation of its entire quality system and decision-making for the management of fresh produce.

FreshCloud Quality Inspection is AgroFresh’s proprietary cloud-based mobile quality management service that digitizes the formerly manual quality control process by capturing, organizing and analyzing quality metrics in real-time.

The service combines digital information from many different physical and digital sources and locations, including analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

These features allow growers, packers, shippers and retailers to drive accuracy and consistency across their operations. Montague’s adoption follows a series of successes with North American produce operators resulting in enhanced fruit quality and freshness.

“As an agriculture technology innovator and fresh produce industry leader, our mission is to provide the global supply chain with solutions that increase efficiencies, improve operations, deliver high-quality produce and reduce food waste,” said AgroFresh CEO Jordi Ferre.

“The adoption of FreshCloud Quality Inspection by a global leader such as Montague is evidence of that mission, as this service equips our customers with intelligent visibility, allowing them to be at the forefront of quality decision making that curtails waste and helps to enhance consumer satisfaction.”   

“In making our decision, we were impressed with how AgroFresh combines extensive post-harvest expertise with cutting edge digital technology capabilities. We are excited to collaborate with their global teams, and look forward to the significant advantages that FreshCloud Quality Inspection will bring across all facets of our operations,” said Rowan Little, Chief Innovation Officer, Montague.

“We expect numerous benefits throughout our entire quality system, including growing, harvesting, storing, packing and selling.” 

The FreshCloud digital service platform is backed by AgroFresh’s more than 20 years of post-harvest expertise. AgroFresh developed FreshCloud Quality Inspection to better match fresh produce quality to customer demand and favorable revenue opportunities for all stakeholders in the fresh produce supply chain.

This powerful service streamlines quality assessment workflows by centrally configuring, managing and reporting on product performance to help customers apply excellent quality standards for fresh produce across the supply chain.

The cloud-based service offers automated, end-to-end quality control capabilities that facilitate fast, objective, and consistent fresh fruit and vegetable quality management.

Operators will gain real-time visibility, insights and imagery that allow their teams to access the latest checking standards and digitally capture their findings to identify accurate quality metrics and compare performance across various crops, regions, locations and markets.

FreshCloud Quality Inspection enables users to reduce testing time by 80% and increase sample frequency.

An introduction to FreshCloud Quality Inspection is available in this video

AgroFresh continues to innovate and expand its portfolio of solutions to help the produce industry make decisions based on fact-based data and powerful analytics. For more information, visit the AgroFresh website or contact your local AgroFresh representative. 

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