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VOG Consortium reports good start to apple season

The sales season for apples has gotten off to a good start with sufficient supply to meet consumer demand, according to VOG Consortium.

The consortium reported that in addition to an increased availability of organic apples from last year, its run-down plan is proceeding without problems, and feedback on the fruit’s quality has been positive.

“For now, we are definitely satisfied with how things are going. Crop quality is excellent in terms of both organoleptic characteristics and fruit size, with both improved compared to last season,” said VOG Consortium Sales Manager Klaus  Hölzl

“Inventory is at the planned levels and everything is going smoothly, and more or less as programmed.”

 Hölz added that the season began with no expectation of problems and the majority of inventories cleared at the European level. He said that countries like France and Spain have lower supply levels than last year which has contributed to Vog having stable operations and price levels.

 Another trend that Hölzl observed in the market was that, despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and its resulting restrictions, there is not the same frenzy in consumption that was present in March of last year.

 “This time we haven’t experienced the panic buying that occurred more or less right across Europe during the first lockdown,” he said. “Consumers seem to have become used to the situation and are no longer responding by laying in stocks. However, the general uncertainties and the question marks over the broader economy are generating stresses on the markets.”

The pandemic has also not prevented Vogs from carrying out in-store marketing activities. Although apple tastings cannot be held at points of sale and at wholesale markets as before, other projects are such as the celebration of the anniversary of its Marlene brand, proceeded without issue.

“The digital contest we launched last autumn to celebrate Marlene®’s 25th birthday was a great success in terms of entry numbers, with over 6000 works submitted from 36 countries,” said VOG Consortium Marketing Manager Hannes Tauber

“The work selected by the jury, created by Francesca Cito, will appear on stickers and packs from February. We’re sure it will provide an attractive note of color and warmth in all greengrocery departments.”