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Westfalia to build first packhouse in Peru

Westfalia to build first packhouse in Peru

Westfalia says it will soon begin construction of its first packhouse in Peru, in line with its plan of strengthening operations in the country.

The new plant will be located on the central coast, in the province of Cañete in the Lima region.

The company expects that it will be ready to start operations in the first quarter of 2022 and will initially have the capacity to process and pack 1,000 containers per year. Its main product will be avocados, followed by mandarins and grapes.

"In this new packhouse we will process approximately 40 percent of our production and we are contemplating an expansion area for the construction of a second stage when demand requires it," the company said in a release.

"This processing plant, in addition to including the use of renewable energy in some areas, will have the best technology in all stages of the process that will allow us to meet high international standards and the necessary certifications."

"Additionally, we are including a water treatment system in the project, which will be reused for irrigation of our adjacent experimental fields."

Westfalia added that the construction of its first packing plant is intended to consolidate its operations in the south, in order to reach all markets with a high-quality product.

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