Maf Roda launches most accurate system on cherry defect analysis of the market

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Maf Roda launches most accurate system on cherry defect analysis of the market

The latest developments made by Maf Roda in their Cherry systems improve Cherry facilities performance. Cherryway 4 and Cherryscan have become essentials for any cherry producer worldwide. The additional difficulties when working with cherries are the fragility of the fruit and the long peduncle. These two issues are 100% solved by Maf Roda lines.

The most important technical improvement in Cherryway 4 is the new and patented rotation system of 4 moves. A great novelty in the market never seen before and manufactured exclusively by Maf Roda. The new bicones system does the necessary moves to scan the complete surface of the fruit preserving the whole peduncle. This rotation is done completely automatically without any need of making mechanical adjustments. If that wasn’t enough, this new bicone also increases higher filling and production rates.

The additional great improvements of Cherryway 4 reduce the impacts of the fruit along the line, which preserve the quality of the fruit; and the new system of feed sheds that minimizes the pass of two fruits at a time and so reduces the return of fruit. The transitions are considerably softer. There are spots along the line where the height has been decreased up to 85 mm. This is a big step forward in Maf Roda’s commitment to maximizing fruit care that preserves quality.

Cherryscan has also experienced important developments that improve the performance and the accuracy of the line. With a simpler and more user-friendly interface, Maf Roda external analysis system has highly improved its accuracy in defects detection in comparison with the previous version thanks to a clearer vision of the cherries. The new system avoids stalk interferences in the image and improves peduncle tracking.

One of the most important cherry producers in Spain that chose Maf Roda to develop its new cherry line is Boluvero. Its General Manager, Andrés Boluda tells his experience with the engineering company: "We have tested the high effectiveness of the quality system of the grader. Thanks to the high level of parameterization, the detection of a wide variety of defects and the quality of the fruits are incredibly accurate. On another hand, the patented rotation system of the bicones has proofed to improve greatly the defect detection as it allows the visualization of almost the complete fruit surface."

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Founded in 1905 in France by Blanc Family. Currently, it is the third generation of engineers who run the company.

MAF RODA AGROBOTIC is a multinational engineering company committed to providing the most innovative and high-end solutions for grading, sorting, quality definition and packing in the fresh fruit and vegetable industry.

Our company is well-known for developing ad-hoc installations that perfectly meet customers’ needs. Our universal technology is completely manufactured in-house, providing an integral solution.

Our biggest strength is the great capacity of our R&D department with 7 facilities worldwide. Our most ambitious systems use AI and Big data to provide the most detailed internal and external analysis, increase the performance and production of your facilities, and simplify the decision-making process.

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