Broccoli growers and retailers can safeguard quality and eliminate ice with SmartFresh

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Broccoli growers and retailers can safeguard quality and eliminate ice with SmartFresh

By AgroFresh

AgroFresh believes that growers and retailers can pack fresh, high-quality, produce confidently with the SmartFresh™  solutions SmartFresh Inbox and SmartFresh SmartTabs™.

SmartFresh solutions are revolutionary systems that help growers safeguard quality while reducing rejection and delivering more beautiful broccoli to consumers.

The SmartFresh solution technology works by blocking ethylene receptors to pause the natural aging process of fresh broccoli. AgroFresh offers these different solutions to accommodate growers’ unique operations.

SmartFresh can be applied to broccoli pending transit, on the loading docks, or on-the-go in shipment containers.  SmartFresh can be applied at any stage of the supply chain between the grower and retailer.

“This is just one way that AgroFresh is able to differentiate within the AgTech industry. We offer first-rate supply chain flexibility options for implementation,” says Jackson Kempker, Sales Development Manager – West at AgroFresh.

The key benefit of the SmartFresh solutions is that ice can be completely eliminated throughout the supply chain. Whether you are a retailer or a grower, ice creates a huge hassle for everyone involved. Distributing from farm to fork often requires ice to remove field heat, retain floret color, and hold turgidity.


The SmartFresh solutions, when combined with a pallet cover, can remove this headache from the industry once and for all. Eliminating the need for ice can also reduce the incidence of food-borne pathogens and reduce worker safety concerns.  In addition, the solution will allow logistic providers to pack more produce in each truckload. Removing ice in each of the broccoli cartons drastically reduces the total weight.

SmartFresh solutions will help save on shipping costs and allow full utilization of truck trailers. On average, 38% more broccoli can be packed per truckload significantly reducing annual transportation costs.

Another major benefit is the profit potential for both growers and retailers. Maintaining broccoli floret color and turgidity reduces the number of rejections on the farm and helps ensure retail specifications are maintained to reduce potential price adjustments.

The solution will also reduce the shrink percentage on retail store shelves while giving customers produce that will last longer at home. Not only can retailers reduce waste and increase profit potential, but repeat purchases are also encouraged due to added customer loyalty from longer-lasting produce.

For more information on SmartFresh and other AgroFresh technologies please visit or contact Jackson Kempker, (616) 915-5114,

*SmartFresh InBox (Reg. No. 71297-5) and SmartFresh SmartTabs (Reg. No. 71297-3) are registered by the US EPA.  Contact your state pesticide regulatory agency or your local AgroFresh account manager to determine if this product is registered for sale or use in your state.   Always read and follow label directions.

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