ASGLOBALFRESH, quality fresh fruits throughout the year that break with seasonality

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ASGLOBALFRESH, quality fresh fruits throughout the year that break with seasonality

By Asglobalfresh

The Covid-19 pandemic has strengthened the trend of healthy food consumption and lifestyle habits. Along with this, we have been suffering climatic events and natural disasters due to global warming. Now, the development of agriculture and agro-exports first passes through the development of sustainable solutions that help mitigate climate change.

The company ASGLOBALFRESH focuses its efforts on delivering quality fresh fruits throughout the year. That is why their motto is "break with seasonality". The business was founded more than three years ago and came up with the idea of becoming a supplier for its clients throughout the year, breaking with the seasonality of fruits and instead, complementing its offering.

"We are an international brand that comp a business group, dedicated to production and agro-export, from Peru, Morocco and Spain, with a clear vision of being leaders in the export and commercialization of conventional and organic fresh fruit at an international level," Daniel González, General Manager of ASGLOBALFRESH said.

The company's mission is to “be a sustainable company in the export and commercialization of fresh fruit with a high level of international capability to satisfy customer demand, controlling the entire process from the product and harvest at the source to make it available to our clients, under the qualitative and certified eye of the team along with knowledgable entities and authorities. All this framed within the development of sustainable policies and actions throughout processes, from cultivation to final delivery to the customer."

It is important to highlight the commitment of ASGLOBALFRESH through its subsidiaries with the development of agriculture, employment and society, in a framework of sustainability, through the producers, communities and participants of the agricultural sector with whom they work hand in hand.

ASGLOBALFRESH's value proposition focuses on being able to serve its customers throughout the year with the fresh fruit they require, through the highest quality controls, technology, traceability and after-sales service.

Technology and innovation

The company has strengthened its leadership in the fruit and vegetable sector, which has allowed it to be recognized for its attention throughout the year, increasing its productive capacity, relying on the best service providers who meet the highest quality standards to give more value to your plan.

“We are knowledgeable and we promote the continuous training of our staff, trusting that their progress will be reflected in the development and growth of the company. Likewise, we continually invest in the training of our suppliers, especially farmers, so that they have better tools and knowledge for crops and harvests," the business said.

Its fruits stand out for the excellence of flavor and quality like avocados; citrus, tangerines, clementines, oranges; grapes; blueberries; conventional and organic ginger.

To deliver fruits of excellence, ASGLOBALFRESH's processes are based on innovation in the application of technology, working hand in hand with its service providers. The company affirmed: “Through the control and protocols that the Production and Quality Department uses, in continuous adaptation in the application of new technologies, we seek innovation and therefore the improvement of the maintenance of the fruit so that upon delivery the product maintains its freshness, flavor and its best qualities."

To develop its quality standards and processes, ASGLOBALFRESH has a great team of professionals who get involved and accompany customers throughout the supply process from the fields to harvest, through post-harvest to their destination. They are committed to the required protocols so that export and trade services continue to be the best with values ​​such as respect, quality, innovation, teamwork and social responsibility.

Challenges in 2022

Next year, ASGLOBALFRESH has several goals to meet. Along these lines, the General Manager of ASGLOBALFRESH explained “within the challenges for 2022, we are focusing on having agricultural fields to continue fulfilling our commercial commitments and growing sustainably".

"We currently sell in America and Asia, so we also have the objective of reaching other markets, such as Europe. At the same time, increasing our portfolio and responding to our clients' demand," Daniel González said.

For more information, contact Vanessa Benavides, Communications, at or by phone: +51 987979656.

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