U.S. Northwest pear season quality 'the best in a decade'

U.S. Northwest pear season quality 'the best in a decade'

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U.S. Northwest pear season quality 'the best in a decade'

The U.S. Northwest pear industry is expecting 16.1 million standard box equivalents as the first official estimate for the 2021-22 season, which is in line with the four-year average-

The four growing regions of the Pacific Northwest are in full swing and the estimation is very close to a four-year average.

"Pear growers are reporting an excellent quality crop this season with some saying it is the best they have seen in a decade," Kevin Moffitt, President and CEO of Pear Bureau Northwest (PBNW) said.

"The fruit finish for this year's pear crop is outstanding with beautiful shape and high sugars. These attributes make for remarkable eating quality leading to a high level of consumer satisfaction."

Harvest started in early August for summer varieties like Starkrimson and Bartletts across all regions, with growers beginning to pick Bosc, Green and Red Anjou within the next two weeks.

The organic pear estimate is expected to come in at 1.94 million standard boxes, which is nearly 12 percent of the total projected Northwest crop.

There will be a full range of sizes available, including popular large-sized fruit, smaller sizes to fill the trendy pouch bags, as well as sizes to fulfill export market demand, Moffitt said.

PBNW has greatly expanded its online shopping programs at retail sites over the past season and will continue to do so throughout 2021-22 with banner ads and other shopper marketing promotions.

Display bins with bright, attractive graphics are beginning to be distributed to retailers around the U.S. These bins feature a QR code leading shoppers to short videos introducing the growers of USA Pears.

Regarding international promotions, the PBNW export team continues to look for new innovative ways to reach consumers and build on the success of the past season's digital consumer outreach activities.

PBNW Lead Regional Marketing Manager Bob Catinella said, “With strong momentum out of the gate, this season is off to a great start. We have a strong promotion plan in place and retailers have shown initial enthusiasm towards implementing pear promotions in-store and online.”

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