Sweet Globe grape ice cream created by IFG licensee

IFG licensee creates Sweet Globe grape ice cream

IFG licensee creates Sweet Globe grape ice cream

A Greek company licensed to grow IFG's patented table grape varieties has discovered a new use for Sweet Globe - ice cream.

In partnership with EPIK Natural Greek Gelato, a boutique gelato parlor in the heart of Athens, Greek Grape Company created a natural sorbet that became EPIK’s sensation for the summer.

EPIK works uses natural ingredients and sourcing sustainable, high-tasting materials to turn them into natural, high-end gelato with no additives.

“We provided EPIK with high sugar level (22brix) IFG Sweet Globe grapes from our farms in Halkidiki, North Greece. This specific grape variety releases extra-fine aromas after 20 Brix and has a great firm texture. I was excited when I tried it as ice cream,” said George Saliaris-Fasseas, founder of Greek Grape Company, who continued jokingly, “…and we can now store our fruit even longer.”

“We chose IFG Sweet Globe grapes to create a smooth and aromatic grape sorbet as it released aromas and left a great aftertaste on the palate. Ingredients are extremely important in creating high-quality ice cream and are a factor that is often overlooked in our trade.

"At EPIK, we always choose the best and most responsible growers to create our flavors. Our milk, for example, comes only from a monastery that cultivates organically and at an extremely high and consistent level”, said Athina Goulasi, Chef at EPIK Natural Greek Gelato.

Andy Higgins, IFG Chief Executive Officer, said: “IFG is proud to support licensed growers who are using our table grapes in creative ways."

"What Athens is doing with the IFG Sweet Globe grapes and ice cream is the exact kind of innovation that we love to see. IFG grapes are not only delicious as a fresh fruit, but can be used in an array of ways to please the palate. We hope that this unique ice cream in Athens inspires others to think outside the box.”


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