Augmented Reality used to educate consumers on farming

Australian company uses Augmented Reality to educate consumers on farming

Australian company uses Augmented Reality to educate consumers on farming

Australia-based Perfection Fresh has recently launched an immersive and interactive educational web based Augmented Reality experience.

The journey begins by scanning an on pack QR code which then opens the microsite to show the full experience. Perfection Fresh’s new AR offering educates its customers on the unique farming environments that are integral to growing quality fresh produce by Perfection Fresh’s own farms and growers right around Australia.

The Perfection Fresh Augmented Reality experience, developed by The Live Agency in collaboration with Unbnd, also offers its users a suite of utility including recipe inspiration, information on taste & flavour, storage tips on keeping produce fresher for longer, taste pairings, for example, what flavours match with different produce and also health & nutritional information.

The Perfection Fresh interactive map gives viewers four areas to explore right around Australia, showing users which climates work best for which produce as well as how produce is harvested.

As webAR continues to surge in popularity with marketers due to its frictionless ability to scale immersive AR experiences, Perfection Fresh is spearheading the adoption of the technology in the produce industry.

By integrating QR codes on-pack, Perfection Fresh will launch a national first-of-its-kind webAR campaign that educates Australia on its trademark fruit and vegetable brands and growing techniques.

Recent studies show more than 50% of consumers better recall brands that regularly engage them with immersive technologies, and that interacting with products that have AR experiences leads to a 94% higher conversion rate due to the fact individuals can better recall products and feel connected with brands. 

The experience is built using web-based augmented reality, meaning no need to download an app to view the AR. In fact, it’s as easy as scanning the QR code soon to appear on any pack of Qukes, Broccolini, Perfection Tomatoes or Calypso Mangoes and more.

The experience is built using 8th Wall’s webAR engine, which supports nearly 3.5 billion smartphones across Android and iOS devices globally.

Luke Gibson, Head of Marketing at Perfection Fresh said: “We’re always looking for innovative ways to engage consumers on how to make the most of our incredible produce varieties. It’s time consumers understand more about where their food comes from and learn to value the amazing eating experiences that different produce varieties can bring.”

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