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Oppy looks to build red kiwifruit market

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Oppy looks to build red kiwifruit market

First bringing red kiwifruit to North America nearly a decade ago, and again in recent seasons, Oppy is looking to build the market with this category complement through a fresh crop from Italy and Greece.

In 2020, Oppy supplied over 30% of all kiwifruit available in the North American market according to U.S. Census Bureau Trade Data and Statistics Canada. Oppy is employing new ways to optimize the expanding shelf spaced dedicated to the nutrient-dense fruit.

“This is a really exciting extension to the kiwifruit category,” said Oppy’s Vice President of Categories for Tropicals Steve Woodyear-Smith.

“By bringing something different to retail that delivers health, flavor and color choices, it attracts those produce-conscious consumers looking to try a new item and expand their horizons.”

Oppy’s internal testing of the red kiwifruit revealed very high brix levels and sweetness characterized by notes of strawberry.

“We’re hearing lots of excitement from our retail partners. Customers are already very excited about the fruit, noting its appealing exterior, beautifully colorful interior and delicious berry-like taste,” shared Woodyear-Smith.

Oppy plans to expand its trials of red kiwifruit varieties going into the future, currently offering fruit in 1-pound clamshells.

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