Spanish lemon growers demand higher prices from distribution chain

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Spanish lemon growers demand higher prices from distribution chain

Faced with rising costs, from the tree to the delivery of packed fruit to the supermarket, Spanish lemon growers are demanding price increases from their distribution chains as the only way to keep their business sustainable.

In a statement from the Spanish lemon and grapefruit growers association ALIMPO, the growers warned that without a rise in prices, “the consequence will be the loss of economic sustainability of our activity”. 

The unanimous message from growers, cooperatives and exporters of the fruit is that the cost overruns should be passed onto the final price of the product, “as has already happened in other food sectors and with other products”.

ALIMPO said that over the last few years the sector has invested significant resources in reducing its water footprint, in order to guarantee a more sustainable crop, and that "Environmental and social sustainability must be paid for".

Cost inflation of food items, particularly produce, is a central concern of consumers around the world, even though according to some sources, perceptions of cost increases are actually greater than the real rise of prices.

But there are multiple instances of growers from different regions, countries and categories insisting that their costs must be absorbed by the rest of the supply chain.

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