Red kiwifruit makes EU market debut

Origine Group’s red kiwifruit makes EU market debut

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Origine Group’s red kiwifruit makes EU market debut

After two years of commercial trials, Italy’s Origine Group is launching the first season of its red kiwifruit variety under the Sweeki Red brand, co-branded with the OKiwi variety brand. The new product will be available in the EU market until the end of the year.

Origine Group says this particular variety, known as HFR18, is known for its intense sweetness, tropical flavor and a signature green and red flesh. This year's kiwifruit have shown excellent overall quality, according to the company. 

Origine Group holds the exclusive right of production throughout Italy, which is carried out by the partners and companies involved in the project. 

Another novelty is the eco-friendly packaging, with two different presentations: a 40x30 honeycomb cardboard box and a 3-fruit cardboard tray.

"We are convinced that our product has all the outstanding characteristics of red-fleshed kiwifruit, starting with an excellent flavor and a very intense color compared to other varieties," said Origine Group director Alessandro Zampagna in a press release.

The executive also noted that, although this first season still has limited volumes, the organization is planning accordingly to achieve a progressive increase. Zampagna said that they are working on improving growing techniques and hope to attract other growers in the future.

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